Wearable Solutions



UnderRx prescription frames are designed to fit under augmented reality and virtual reality devices, making it possible for prescription lens wearers to enjoy AR/VR experiences.

The patented temple arm design for UnderRx was originally developed for Navy seals, divers, and first responders to fit underneath a variety of masks without breaking the airtight seal. Using the same military-grade concept, UnderRx smart glasses technology provides a prescription frame solution for the growing consumer and enterprise smart glasses and sportswear markets.

The wireframe construction, patented temple arm, and classic look allows UnderRx eyeglass frame styles to be worn as your daily fashion choice under your smart glasses, mask, or sports equipment. Scroll down to select the best glasses frames for your unique needs!

*Note: This product is not fitted with safety lenses for the sports industry and precautions should be taken to protect individuals from eye injuries.