At Rochester Optical, we design and manufacture an invaluable prescription lens insert made specifically for the ThirdEye Gen X2 MR Smart Glasses. Thanks to this one-of-a-kind glass insert, users who normally wear prescription glasses can now use the X2 MR Smart Glasses to transform their work for the better.


The X2 MR Smart Glasses is a pair of mixed reality smart eyeglasses built by ThirdEye Gen Inc. Featuring 42-degree field-of-view waveguide displays, 9.8 ounces light-weight design, powerful high-resolution camera/sensors, and long battery life, the X2 MR Smart Glasses seamlessly unpack augmented reality in every workplace, delivering contextually relevant information right in front of the user’s eyes. The VisionEye SLAM SDK, included in every unit, will empower enterprise users to develop their own integration for custom functions and security requirements.



The X2 MR Smart Glasses are not designed to fit over any kind of eyewear, which presents a challenge for users who wear prescription glasses. Our prescription insert allows those users to take full advantage of these amazing smart glasses for the first time ever, with uninhibited capabilities regarding their eyesight. Order your prescription insert from Rochester Optical today!