Organizational Leaders

Patrick Ho
Chief Executive Officer

As an American immigrant and now a U.S citizen, Patrick Ho made his way to Rochester through hard work, determination, and passion for the American dream. Before purchasing Rochester Optical in 1990, he settled Into the Rochester area and bought his first businesses in 1986. Before his move to Rochester, Ho attended the University of Manitoba and earned a degree in business management. Now, he leads the company under the same principles taught to him. With a mind for innovation, problem solving and ingenuity, Ho strives to make every customer feel like a friend as we continue to grow, expand and remain an independent, fully-functioning eye care organization developed around the needs of its consumers.

Peter Balash
Chief Financial Officer

Balash came to Rochester Optical in 2005, overseeing all financial operations of the business. In his role, he lead the optical stores to routine economic increases and a robust gain of more than 40 percent total annual revenue from 2005 to 2014. Under his initial leadership, Balash reduced spending and created programs to give back to the Rochester community. His leadership, knowledge of the customer markets and understanding of the community helps the organization continue to thrive. He brings his experience in sales, customer operations and financials as the former general manager of regional Petro locations and the Vice President of Monroe Reprographics before his general manager role.

Greg Novak
Chief Operating Officer

Novak has been with the company since 2015 and brings his decades of experience in business management to the optical space as the former Chief Operating Officer, Chief Executive Officer and the Group President for Strategic Initiatives at NASDAQ listed The Harris Poll, Formerly Harris Interactive. During his tenure at the company, he grew the revenue from $6 million to $250 million. Outside of Rochester Optical, Novak serves as the CEO of NuPro Technologies, Inc. A graduate from the University of Pittsburgh and Purdue University, his experience in logistics, operations management, marketing, and research help lead the team at Rochester Optical with efficiency, a customer service-oriented mindset and determined quality.

Tom Widell
Vice President of Sales

Widell brings his knowledge of the optical landscape, optical consumer and industry-leading knowledge of products for vision correction. His technical abilities allow him to produce the highest-quality sales team to fit the needs of all customers. In his role, Widell oversees all wholesale sales operations, working with a team of dedicated lab professionals to create the best products on the market. Before joining Rochester Optical, he lead sales teams at Coca Cola, Inc., Bausch & Lomb Vision Care, Inc., (Valeant Pharmaceuticals), Sanofi Pharmaceuticals and obtained his Master of Science degree from Nazareth College.