RO-140B Featuring Rhinestones (EE Compatible)




Combine style and practicality with these rhinestone glasses frames for Google Glass Enterprise Edition or Explore smart glasses!
  • Stunning rhinestones add a touch of class and beauty to the reinforced exterior of these durable smart glasses frames
  • The feminine design of these RO-140B smart glasses frames with rhinestones makes them the perfect glasses frames for women
  • Black, purple, and burgundy colors accentuate the stylish design of these eyeglass frames
Every working woman needs a pair of beautiful rhinestone glasses frames for their Google Glass Explore Edition or Enterprise digital glasses! When combined with the durable, reinforced exterior, the sleek design of the RO-140B with delicate gems makes for a stunning, yet practical accessory. Order yours here, and get ready to show off your sophistication and style in the office!
  • Price: $99 – $349.00
  • Colors: Black, Purple, and Burgundy
  • Lens type: frame only, single vision, progressive, and bifocal eyeglasses
  • Compatible models: Google Enterprise & Explore Editions

If you are choosing this frame for your Google Glass Enterprise Edition (EE), please make a note in the Note area upon checkout. The mounting mechanism is different between the Explore and Enterprise Edition, and we want to make sure we supply the appropriate components for your Google Glass.


ColorBlack, Burgundy, Purple, Matte Brown
Lens TypeFrame Only (demo lenses to be replaced by local ECP), Single Vision, Bifocal, Progressive
SmartGold RX Range-12.00 to +8.00 Sphere with a -4.00 Cyl
Google Glass EditionEnterprise Edition, Explore Edition


Additional information

Frame Color

Black, Burgundy, Purple, Matte Brown

Lens Type

Frame Only (demo lenses to be replaced by local ECP, Single Vision, Bifocal, Progressive

Google Glass Edition

Explore Edition (XE), Enterprise Edition (EE)