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Our Smart GOLD prescription insert for HoloLens easily mounts to the device in place of the manufacturer nosepiece, making the device prescription capable and helping to better distribute weight. It offers a comfortable alternative to standard eyeglasses and provides an integrated optical solution.
Lightweight stainless steel for durability and nylon wire capable of holding a wide range of prescription strengths.
  • An adjustable silicone strap nose-bridge improves both weight distribution and security, as it prevents the device from sliding down the user’s nose.
  • Easy snap-in mounting makes it possible for one device to be shared by multiple users who have their own individual prescription inserts.
  • Lens Type: Plano (no prescription), single vision, and bifocal.
  • Smart GOLD prescription lenses also block high-energy visible blue light emitted from digital devices to help prevent early-onset macular degeneration.


In compliance with the FTC, if you are ordering prescription lenses for this device, you must attach an image or pdf file of your original prescription. By attaching your prescription, you agree to allow Rochester Optical to use the information provided to complete your order.
Please note we need your monocular pupillary distance (PD) included on your prescription to complete your order. The PD is the distance between pupils in millimeters broken down into right and left measurements (e.g. 33/34), and we use it to properly align the lenses for the best visual acuity. If your doctor has ever made glasses for you, they should have it on file; and it’s a quick measurement to have taken at a local optical shop if not.

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Lens Type

Plano (non-Rx) Lenses, Single Vision, Bifocal