How to Clean Your Contact Lenses

How to Clean Your Contact Lenses

Unlike eyeglasses, contact lenses touch your eye, so it’s very important to keep them sanitized at all times. If you wear contacts, you may have heard that some contact lenses can be re-worn for up to a month before replacing them for a new pair. These types of lenses are sought after because they are of higher quality and are thicker than daily contact lenses, making contact lens more comfortable. However, you’ll have to make sure that your lenses are clean every single day, to promote the health of your eyes. 


To ensure that your long-wear contact lenses last as long as they should (and that they are as sanitary as they should be), make sure to take your contacts out every night and clean them before putting them back in. Once it’s time to clean your contact lenses, here is the recommended process:

1. Wash Your Hands Thoroughly Before Handling Your Lenses

Before you touch your contacts at all, wash your hands with warm soapy water for 30 seconds or longer. Be sure to dry your hands thoroughly with a lint-free towel. Any external contaminants including water will scratch your lenses, or worse, end up stuck in between your lens and your eye, causing irritation.


2. Cup One of Your Palms and Add Contact Solution

Cup the palm of your hand, most likely it will be your non-dominant hand. Pour some contact solution into your palm — just a few drops to be able to immerse the contact lens. Only use contact solution that is recommended or provided by your optometrist. Never clean contact lenses with water as it is not sanitary enough and it could potentially ruin your lenses.


3. Clean One Lens at a Time, Gently Swirling the Lens in Your Palm

Add one contact lens at a time to the palm of your hand. Place the contact lens in the solution and gently swirl it around in your palm. Wash your hands between cleaning each lens, just in case one of your eyes carries more or different bacteria than the other one. This is especially important during pink eye cases, to prevent getting pink eye in both eyes, rather than just one.

4. Store Lenses in a Clean Contact Case, Filled With Contact Solution 

Before placing your clean contacts in their contact case, make sure the case has been rinsed and cleaned out, with new contact solution added. After filling your clean case, double-check to see if any lint or dust is visible and re-clean the case if you do see any.

5. Keep Your Contacts Clean While Wearing Them by Avoiding Certain Activities

While you’re out and about wearing your contact lenses, keep in mind that bacteria could be all around you. Avoid activities such as swimming while wearing your contact lenses, to prevent harsh bacteria from clinging to your long-wear lenses.

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