How To Choose Glasses For Your Face Shape


Eyeglasses and Face Shape

Certain styles of clothing may flatter your body more than other styles, and the same is true for eyeglasses. There are many frame styles to choose from, whether you’re shopping for sunglasses or prescription glasses. In both cases, finding frames that highlight your best facial features and balance your face shape is an important part of ensuring you’ll love (and actually wear) your glasses.

In this post, we will go over some common face shapes as well as the frame styles that fit them best. When you’ve figured out your face shape, be sure to stop by Rochester Optical to try on some of our eyeglasses! We have designer frames and locally made styles that we manufacture right in our own lab. Our optometrists and opticians are excited to help you find your new favorite pair of glasses so you can achieve clear vision and Roc Your Look.

Finding The Best Glasses For Your Face Shape

The first step to accomplishing this is to know your face shape. Determining your face shape can be a bit tricky, as you may not perfectly fit into just one category. However, with a little patience and a mirror, you can most likely figure it out in just a few minutes once you know what you’re looking for.



The oval face shape is said to be the most versatile when it comes to accessorizing, whether that be with eyeglasses or a new haircut. The characteristics of an oval face shape typically include:

  • Longer than it is wide
  • Cheekbones are the widest part of your face
  • Lack of sharp angles
  • Tall forehead

Best eyeglasses for you: Most styles will look great! Rectangular frames will complement a softer face, while rounded frames will balance sharp angles. Be mindful of styles that add too much length to your face.


A round face is soft and balanced on all sides. It is important not to overwhelm this face shape, especially if it is on the petite side. Defining features of a round face shape include:

  • Roughly as long as it is wide
  • Fullness below the cheekbones
  • Lack of sharp angles, slightly plump
  • Rounded hairline

Best eyeglasses for you: Square or rectangular frames will help create more definition. Go for glasses with a flat frame at the top. Your eyes should sit high in the frame to add length and bring focus to the upper part of your face.


The square face shape is angular but still petite. The longer version of this is the rectangular face shape. Typical features of the square face shape include:

  • Approximately as long as it is wide
  • Jawline and forehead are roughly the same width
  • Sharp and angular
  • Straight hairline

Best eyeglasses for you: Opposites attract! Balance your sharp features with rounded frames, though you don’t necessarily need to choose perfect circles. Thick frames can add too much intensity.


The heart face shape is typically easy to spot, thanks to its unique features. A similar face shape is the inverted triangle. Characteristics of the heart face shape include:

  • Slightly longer than it is wide
  • Forehead is wider than the jawline
  • Pointed chin
  • Widow’s peak hairline (absent on inverted triangle)

Best eyeglasses for you: Because of your wider forehead, choose eyeglasses that have more width or weight at the bottom. Consider avoiding cat-eye frames and choose rounded corners rather than those that are completely sharp or curved.


The triangle face shape is widest at the base, and should not be confused with the inverted triangle, which is widest at the top. The triangle face shape is defined by:

  • Widest point at the jawline
  • Narrow forehead that tapers toward the hairline
  • Typically short chin
  • Cheek bones may be defined but narrower than jawline

Best eyeglasses for you: Cat-eye frames can add more width to the top of your face and balance out a prominent jawline, and a slightly rounded look can soften any sharp angles.


The diamond face is similar to the oval but slightly more angular. Another similar shape is the kite, which has its widest point located slightly higher than the cheekbones.The diamond face shape is typically:

  • Widest at the cheekbones
  • Narrow forehead (similar to the triangle)
  • Small, pointed chin
  • Defined jawline

Best eyeglasses for you: Choose smaller frames that follow the angles of your cheekbones. This will highlight them without overwhelming the small area. Classic thin, rectangular frames can be a great look.

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