Since the 1930s, Rochester Optical’s reputation for service and quality has won ongoing contracts with the Department of Defense with rugged, combat-ready military eyeglasses.

Our military and government contract center provides safety wear, eyeglass frames, lenses, wearable solutions and more. At Rochester Optical, we are passionate about giving back to our nation and we are one of the sole manufacturers in the U.S that makes frames and lenses in our facility, providing jobs that support our local economy and the nation. In addition, we are happy to provide additional discounts to veterans and active duty members and their families for the great sacrifice they have made to our country. Rochester Optical is also proud to be the maker of R5 glasses, the standard issue military frame.

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Manufacturing In The USA

As one of few companies remaining in the domestic frame manufacturing business, we offer an ever-growing selection of eyewear styles and lens options to fit any lifestyle.

Setting New Standards

In 2012, we made headlines when our stylish R-5A design replaced the S9s (aka, BCGs) as the standard issue military glasses.

Supporting Our Troops

We founded Frame of Choice to provide exclusive eyewear for our active military, veterans, and their families, accessible 24x7, anywhere in the world.