Allergy Season: Glasses or Contact Lenses?

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Some people experience allergies all-year-round and others only have them seasonally. The season can vary from person-to-person but a lot experience theirs when the seasons change. Allergies can develop or even disappear from year-to-year. Having allergies feels like having an intense cold. Often, people with allergies have symptoms such as a runny nose, sneezing, sore throat, and especially, itchy, watery eyes. It’s not only irritating but can make working, let alone, seeing a pain.


Are Contact Lenses Recommended?

Not recommended. While we know that you are diligently cleaning your contacts every day, they still can trap airborne particles, making your eyes itchier. And because your eyes are so itchy during allergy season, we understand that you’ll have the desire to rub them. However, rubbing your eyes is never recommended, especially when you have contact lenses in. This could dislodge or even tear your contacts, making your eyes flare up, itch, water, and possibly hurt even more.


Are Glasses Recommended?

Recommended! Wearing glasses during your seasonal allergies will help reduce and soothe your eyes more than wearing contacts would. Glasses will be your best friend when seasonal allergies strike. They’ll give your eyes a moment to breathe and even act as a barrier against airborne allergens. This doesn’t mean that you have to sport glasses all year round — but make sure that you’re prepared with a set of glasses before your next allergy season.

Remedies to Help Allergy Symptoms in the Eyes

Some people prefer wearing contact lenses over glasses. Whether it’s for your line of work or just your personal preference, we would suggest trying a few remedies to help soothe your allergies so that your contacts stay comfortable to wear all day.

  1. Take allergy medicine when needed
  2. Limit your time around allergens when possible
  3. Take your contact lenses out when you get home or at least overnight
  4. Clean your contact lenses and case one or more times per day
  5. Replace your contact lenses when directed by the manufacturer


Monitor Your Allergy Symptoms

While allergy season causes our eyes to redden, be extra watery, and itchy, sometimes allergies aren’t directly the cause. When not taken proper care of, your allergy symptoms could last longer than they should or worse, turn into a form of pink eye or other infection. To ensure your eyes are in good health, eye exams are recommended every six months to a year — but that doesn’t mean you can’t come in whenever you experience symptoms like these. Schedule an eye exam for a comprehensive eye health screening to ensure that your allergy symptoms are normal.

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