PPE Foam Face Shield

& Face Mask Ear Loop Extender


Our reusable PPE Full Face Shield with Foam is designed to work in most scenarios. However, it is not a replacement or a substitute for N95 face masks. Face masks cover the nose and mouth but not eyes, while the full face shield would provide another layer of facial, frontal protection to slow infection. In the event where a face mask is unavailable, using this full face shield would also be beneficial. It creates a barrier comfortably for self-protection and to reduce the risk of spread. The cord will retain the full face shield tight on the user's head.

Product Features:

  1. Face shield and cord will work in most scenarios.
  2. Easy to put on and take off.
  3. Provide individuals with full facial frontal protection while interacting with the public.
  4. Cover both eyes that otherwise are vulnerable with only a face mask.
  5. Using a face shield would extend the life and reusability of N95 face masks.
  6. Prevent the wearer from making unintentional contact with the face.
  7. Can be wiped cleaned outside and inside with anti-viral wipes at the end of the day and be worn again the next day.

*Note: if wearing an N95 Face Mask with our Ear loop extender, put mask loops over/around your ear versus underneath to ensure the mask is more secure. Find whichever position the face mask is most secure for you!


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