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Ready to try glasses for the first time, update your prescription, or switch up your frames? At Rochester Optical, you can discover your perfect look and perfect vision with our professional eye exams and designer frames. We also offer a selection of eyeglasses frames made locally in our own facility. When you choose Rochester Optical for your eye care needs, you’ll support a local business and receive care from providers on the cutting edge of the optical industry. It’s the best of both worlds! Request an eye exam today to get started.

Are Eyeglasses Right For Me?

  • An affordable option for vision correction
  • Express yourself with your frame choice
  • Comfortable for dry or sensitive eyes
  • No complex maintenance or care
  • Lens coating options for additional benefits
  • No limit on wear time
  • Doubles as eye protection


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Getting Eyeglasses From Rochester Optical

Our optometry team is excited to help you find the best eyeglasses for your lifestyle. After you receive an up-to-date prescription from your RO optometrist, you’ll meet with one of our opticians to choose your glasses and get them fitted. Whether you want a lightweight pair for daily wear, fancy frames for special occasions, or lenses with specialized coatings to block the blue light emitted by computers and other screens, you’ll find it all at Rochester Optical. Stop by our location on Lyell Avenue to shop for our collection and meet our team!

Why Buy Eyeglasses Locally?

With so many online options for eyeglasses, you might be tempted to take your prescription and order your next frames from a website. When you buy from Rochester Optical instead of online retailers, you’ll enjoy a higher level of customer care and a better pair of glasses! Our opticians will ensure that your frames fit comfortably and that the prescription area of the lens lines up perfectly with your eyes for the sharpest vision possible. Online retailers can’t provide this level of accuracy. Not only will you receive better service, but you’ll also be supporting a local business!

Request An Eye Exam With One Of Our Optometrists

The first step to healthy eyes is getting an eye exam! If you haven’t had an exam in one to two years, or your vision has changed, then it’s time to see an optometrist. Even if you’re simply interested in getting new eyeglasses frames, a comprehensive eye exam can ensure that your prescription doesn’t need adjusting — getting the right prescription now is the best way to prolong the time that your lenses provide you with the most precise vision correction.

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