Wearable Solutions


The BT-350, Epson's® third generation of enterprise smart glasses integrating BT-300's Si-OLED display technology, is ideal for multiple user scenarios through sophisticated engineered spring temples for better comfort and durability. These smart lenses allow you to explore the world via the latest augmented reality technology, making them some of the best smart glasses on the market today.

However, these Epson glasses pose a challenge for prescription eyeglass wearers, as many of the most popular glasses frames available today won't fit comfortably under the augmented reality goggles. Some also experience fatigue and nausea when wearing their contact lenses under the augmented reality device, so we decided to offer up a unique solution: an Epson BT-350 glasses insert for prescription eyeglass wearers. Click the item below for more information, and check out our Epson BT-350 sun shield if you like using this virtual reality device for drone flying and exploring outside!