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Epson® has developed a new way of seeing the world with revolutionary digital glasses: the Epson Moverio™. These Epson smart glasses are powered by an Intel Atom chipset and built on an Android platform, making them some of the best smart glasses on the market today. Not only is the Epson Moverio perfect for FPV drone flying, but it also allows you to see the world from a different perspective with AR and VR. Ready to experience virtual and augmented reality like never before? Upgrade your Epson Moverio with prescription frame inserts from Rochester Optical!



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Though it is one of the best VR glasses designs available today, the Epson Moverio is not designed to fit over all prescription glasses. This makes it difficult for anyone with a vision correction to see the impressive augmented reality display, inhibiting them from enjoying true AR and VR experiences. Our prescription frame inserts solve this problem, allowing prescription eyeglass wearers to experience the Moverio fully and without visual impairment or eyestrain.

As shown in the graphics on the left, our prescription frame inserts fasten to the inside of the Epson Moverio in a simple four-step process. Order the Rochester Optical Quick-Change Visual Enhancement Kit today to get the most out of your Epson smart glasses!