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Empower your team with next-generation productivity and transform your organization with DAQRI Smart Glasses®, professional-grade hardware that enhances the working experience through wearable augmented reality technology. Embodying ultra-low-latency rendering to display complex workloads and a powerful mobile processor, DAQRI Smart Glasses increase the user's confidence, efficiency, and accuracy while safely and efficiently incorporating digital and holographic data into your physical environment.

FFor years, DAQRI has been the leader in augmented reality goggles, as they integrate the latest advancements in professional-grade augmented reality technology with the physical environment. This allows hands-on workers to maximize their productivity by bringing all the necessary data, communications technology, and business software right to the forefront of their workspace. But it doesn't stop there — DAQRI Smart Glasses connect to a computer pack worn on the hip so you can bring the augmented reality experience with you everywhere you go, from the office to the lab to the assembly line.

If you love your DAQRI augmented reality glasses but are looking for a solution to better incorporate your prescription eyeglasses needs, order the Rochester Optical DAQRI Smart Glasses Frames! Click the image below to learn how to incorporate them with your DAQRI Smart Glasses and explore the world of augmented reality in your workplace.