Our Response to COVID-19

Rochester Optical & RLab are dedicated to helping those within our community fighting against the COVID-19 virus. We want to show our support for our healthcare workers, first responders, and essential business personnel. This is even more crucial as many states and businesses begin to reopen! See options specific for Eye Care Professionals below as well.


Here's What We Can Offer to Help:

Full Coverage PPE Face Shield with Foam Band

Our full-coverage PPE Face Shield with Foam headband. An additional option to protect against receiving and spreading germs, as well as reducing the urge to touch your face. This option is combinable with our N95 face masks, note the shield is not a replacement or substitute for a face mask.
Along with the shield is an Ear Loop Extender, in case your face mask isn't secure enough against your face.

*Note: for a mask to be most secure, make sure straps are over your ears, instead of under as pictured. Find which way it is most secure for you!

Face Mask Ear Loop Extender



Many face masks can be uncomfortable after wearing for several hours at a time. It may put a strain on your ears, or for some, it may be too loose and not as secure as it could be.

This Ear Loop Extender allows you to adjust the length of your face mask to make it more comfortable and to ensure it is even more secure against your face.

This is now available for purchase!



PPE Full-Coverage Face Shield

A full-coverage PPE tested & certified, face shield that can provide additional protection for our healthcare workers, first responders, and community. They are easily applicable to any pair of glasses, and don't worry, if you need a pair of glasses we can provide them for you! To find out more click the button below:


N95 Face Masks

We can provide you with a supply of N95 face masks. They have five layers of protection, filter viruses, and bacteria, and are comfortable to wear. Please note we do have the right to limit the quantities ordered. To find out more and order, click the button below:


Or Order BOTH in a Bundle!


1 Face Shield

5 N95 masks

For $20.00

Exclusively for Eye Care Professionals

Free Digital Media Kits!

Download these free media kits to utilize within your offices or across your emails or social media! We are happy to help you as you transition your business during this time to get acclimated to the "new normal!"

Kit #1

Download Now

Kit #2

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Debbi 2


“Yesterday, an elderly gentleman stopped in to our practice to have a nose pad replaced on his glasses; he was not a current patient here, but I didn’t charge him for one nose pad.
Today he stopped back in with flowers for me and he said I brightened his day and now he wanted to brighten mine!
This is part of the reason why I choose to mask & glove-up and come in every day!
Thank you to all that are working during this crazy time. These flowers are just as much yours as they are mine.” -Debbi Martini, NYS Licensed Optician & Retail Manager

We just wanted to share some of good and positivity happening during this pandemic! We are here for you. ❤️ Be sure to thank those that are still working, wherever they may be! You are all appreciated.



We were quick to help a first responder receive a new supply of contact lenses so that he could continue to help and save others. It was a good feeling knowing we were able to get them to him in-time and that he was doing so safely with clear vision!

The health and safety of our patients is always our top priority.