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Go Frameless With Contacts From Rochester Optical

Contact lenses can be a great vision-correction option for many people. Technology has come a long way to provide comfortable, effective contact lenses that allow your eyes to retain as much moisture as possible while providing crisp, clear vision. Many people prefer contact lenses over eyeglasses for a variety of reasons. Contacts do not block peripheral vision as glasses frames do, and they also will not alter your appearance. However, individuals who struggle with dry or irritated eyes may find that contacts exacerbate their symptoms. Request an appointment with Rochester Optical to ensure your experience with contact lenses is safe and comfortable!

Are Contact Lenses Right For Me?

  • Eliminates inconveniences of glasses
  • Many options to choose from
  • Great for sports and active lifestyles
  • See clearly while doing makeup
  • Limitations on wear time
  • Can be more expensive than glasses
  • Requires a commitment to proper care


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Getting Contact Lenses From Rochester Optical

The best way to start your switch from glasses to contact lenses (or try contacts as your first vision correction option) is to get an eye exam. The optometrists at Rochester Optical can help you switch from eyeglasses to contacts quickly and safely. Once you come in for your appointment, your optometrist will evaluate your eye health and help you choose the best type and brand of contacts for your needs. If you’re already a patient with Rochester Optical, you can always schedule an appointment to switch contact lens brands or try another type. Need to reorder? Just give us a call!

A Note About Ordering Contacts Online

Ordering contacts online has become quite popular. There are even a few services that offer subscription contact lenses. While both options require a prescription from an optometrist, they do not include the same level of customer support or safety as you’d get with a local optometrist. With Rochester Optical, you can be assured that every contact lens purchase you make will be of the highest quality. You’ll also receive a more thorough explanation of your options, guidance regarding insurance coverage, and the opportunity to ask your optometrist all of your questions. When you choose Rochester Optical, you support a local business, too!

Get Eye Exams, Contacts Lenses, And More At Rochester Optical

At Rochester Optical, our mission is to provide professional eye care services in a welcoming environment. Regular eye exams are the best way to stay on top of your eye health and vision. If you’re interested in trying or ordering contact lenses, request an appointment now! Prefer eyeglasses? We have plenty of locally made and designer options! When you need eye care products and services, trust Rochester Optical as your local optometrist!

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