Avoid Foggy Glasses While Wearing A Mask

Avoid Foggy Glasses While Wearing A Mask

Imagine the scenario: you take your mask out, put it on, breathe out, and — your glasses lenses immediately fog up. And this happens every time you breathe. If you wear glasses, you likely experience foggy lenses while wearing a mask. But, there are ways to prevent this from happening, so you can see clearly once again, while still staying safe.


Why Do My Glasses Fog?

Eyeglasses get foggy due to the condensation that forms when warmer air hits the surface of the glasses. You may have noticed that your glasses fog up when you open the dishwasher after a load, if you leave them in the bathroom while you shower, or if you walk inside somewhere warm after being outside in the cold. All of these instances have one thing in common — warm air gracing your glasses’ lenses. It happens when you wear a mask because the air from your mouth and nose is very warm and it escapes through a gap at the top of your mask, hitting your lenses.


How Can Foggy Glasses Be Prevented While Wearing A Mask?


  • Get A Mask That Fits Right

To prevent the warm air of your breath from escaping your mask, make sure to get a mask that fits you right and that is adjustable once on. Masks come in a few different shapes, depending on the manufacturer. Some mask shapes may fit you better than others or may be more comfortable overall. The masks that are best for glasses-wearers are ones that include a bendable metal wire on the nose-bridge portion of the mask. Your mask may also fit better depending on the way it fastens. Consider either a mask that is secured with ties or elastic bands that are adjustable.


  • Secure Your Mask, Fit Your Glasses Overtop

Whether your mask fits you perfectly or not, make sure once it’s on that you place your glasses over your mask. This holds the top of the mask down better, preventing air to escape upwards from your mouth. Pull the top of your mask a little higher than you normally would before putting your glasses over it. This ensures that your glasses can still sit in the same spot they normally would without a mask.


  • Get Your Prescription with Anti-Fog Lenses

Eyeglass lenses can be coated to prevent many different things including smudging, glares, and blue-light blocking. Some optometry offices offer an anti-fog coating that can be applied to your glasses lenses. Check with your local optometrist to see if they offer anti-fog lens coating for your next pair of glasses.


  • If All Else Fails — Tape Fixes Everything

Find some double-sided, skin-safe tape and place it on the nose bridge portion of your mask. While the stickiness won’t last forever and may need replacing, this idea will definitely keep the top of your mask tight and secure. Test the tape on a small section of your face first, as your skin may be sensitive.


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