Smart GOLD for Smart Glasses

Designed by Eye Care Professionals

The location of the HUD on Smart Glasses forces the wearer to gaze in an upward direction. Normal prescription lenses are not designed to optimize the visual acuity in those upper gaze directions,lending to a blurring of the display, and visual fatigue as the eye itself tries to compensate for the movement to a less clear viewing area. Rochester Optical scientists have created a new design where special care is taken to remove unwanted aberrations perceived by the wearer in the direction of sight associated with the HUD, giving the wearer a clear vision of the HUD, as well as the normal clear vision their lenses provide of the world around them. The design of the Smart GOLD lenses is intended to enhance overall visual acuity and to reduce eye-strain and fatigue.

What people are saying about their Smart GOLD Lenses

"Very sharp optics compared to my regular glasses. They did a nice job. Not cheap, but well worth it."  ~D.D.

"The first time I put on Glass with my new frames, I was amazed. I was finally seeing Glass the way it was meant to be seen. No more double vision, no more blurriness, and no more fiddling when Glass got out of position. I could see Glass clearly. Rochester Optical did a great job making the GOLD lenses so that looking up at Glass is crisp and clear."  ~N.L.

Read his full review:

"I can tell you I have had my Rochester glasses for over a month now. I have an astigmatism with some power and wear the progressive lenses (bifocals). This is a tough prescription for some labs to make. I can wear my GLASS all day with NO fatigue, which means they were done very correctly. I wear my GLASS everywhere now other than Sunday in the sanctuary. 100% positive on these lenses, Wish I had added transitions, but hey I can wear a hat with a brim. 5 stars."  ~WDL


"These are awesome and didn't take long at all to fit into #glass and secure and they are very light so there is no significant gain in weight. I actually think they help balance out the existing frame better. The way they secure them to the existing frame is genius and doesn't add any noticeable bulk so they are very comfortable. They definitely won't be falling off! I can also see the prism crisp and clear now which before with the way I had my contacts setup it was a little fuzzy."  ~RW


Eye Care Providers

We are currently accepting applications from Eye Care Providers to open wholesale accounts for Smart GOLD lenses and GPLC Smart Frames. Click below to get started if you are interested in learning more about carrying our Smart Frames and Smart GOLD lenses.