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Sun Lenses – Customized for Google Glass

Our Smart Frame™ with Sun Lenses are non-prescription sunglasses made specifically to wear with your Google Glass. They include UV protection and are available with non-polarized tinted lenses, mirror lenses, and flash mirror lenses. Our tinted lenses come in 7 popular colors; mirror & flash mirror lenses are available in 7 unique colors.

Tints & Mirror Coated Lenses

Tinted mirror and flash mirror are two types of colored mirror coated lenses. Tinted mirror lenses have a darker color that is difficult to see through when someone is looking at the eyeglass wearer. Flash mirror lenses also have a mirror look, but are more transparent when someone is looking at the eyeglass wearer. Neither mirror lenses or flash mirror lenses disrupt the user’s vision in anyway.


Choose a Smart Frame™

Rochester Optical’s Smart Frame™ is optimized to provide the best housing possible for your lenses. Smart Frames provide the optimum setting for maintaining a proper tilt of your lenses and to accommodate higher prescriptions without having to bend or manipulate the frame in anyway. Smart Frames for wearable tech are mounted to the Google Glass chassis for structural rigidity. This is not a clip-on solution; it’s mounted securely to your Google Glass.

Get answers to common questions in Smart Frame™ with Sun Lenses FAQs.  The patented Smart Frame™ are manufactured by Rochester Optical and are available in 11 color choices and 8 frame shapes. The frame is constructed from optical quality nickel silver metal alloy for strength, durability, and a lightweight fit.

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