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Our patented Smart GOLD™ digital glasses frames with blue-blocking lens technology are engineered to meet the unique visual demands of smart glasses and can be made to serve any prescription need. These smart lenses go the extra mile with task-specific viewing zones and advanced distance vision that ensures that both the foreground and background are clear.

Smart GOLD lenses also create an additional, optimized optical center where the display can be viewed and compensated to balance your binocular vision while eliminating the prismatic effect and off-axis aberrations. Not only does this allow the wearer of these augmented reality glasses to enjoy crystal-clear focus and an uninhibited line of sight at all times, but it also opens up the possibilities for 3D and virtual reality experiences.

For binocular devices, our calculated compensation resolves the discrepancy between the fixed device PD and the user’s individual PD. This results in less image distortion and eye strain than you would experience with other popular glasses frames and smart lenses. The best part is that these smart lenses are compatible with Google Glass editions, as well as the Vuzix M100 and the Epson Moverio BT-200.