We manufacture a number of specialty eyeglass frames designed to meet your needs everyday – when you need more than just everyday glasses. Our specialty frames include EAB frames, sports frames, and safety frames for eyeglasses.

EAB Frames

EAB frames are made specifically to wear under helmets, masks, and goggles that are meant to have an air-tight seal. EAB eyeglass frames maintain your airtight seal that keeps the harmful fumes, chemicals, and liquids out of your helmet, mask or goggles. Navy divers use our EAB (Emergency Air Breathing) frames. Emergency responders such as firefighters use EAB frames. Contact Us and let us know if you would like to learn more about our EAB frames.

Sports Frames

We carry a variety of sports frames that provide your prescription eyeglasses in a frame that will protect your eyes and lenses while involved in physical activities. We provide wrap frames that stop wind and insects from bothering your eyes during outdoor physical activities. Contact Us and let us know if you would like to learn more about our sports frames.

Safety Frames

Rochester Optical provides safety frames that can be used in industrial settings to protect your eyes. These are often used in industries when manufacturing dust and debris fly into the air and can come in contact with a person’s eye. Our safety frames can house your prescription lenses for superior visual acuity. If you think your business needs assistance in providing a safety eyewear program to the employees, please contact Rochester Optical about their safety program.

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