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Our reusable Spectacle-Mounted PPE Full Face Shield is designed to work with most eyeglasses. This full face shield is NOT a replacement or a substitute for N95 face masks. However, a face mask only covers the nose and mouth but not eyes. The idea is that the full face shield would provide another layer of facial, frontal protection for those who interact with the public.

In the event where a face mask is unavailable, using this full face shield would be beneficial. It creates a barrier comfortably for self-protection and for others. Another benefit is that when a N95 face mask is protected behind the face shield, the life of the N95 face mask could be extended as the face mask isn't in direct contact with the public. This is very helpful due to the current shortage of N95 face masks.

The face shield can be mounted on just about any eyeglasses. Each kit comes with one face shield and one eyeglasses retainer cord for $9. If the person does not wear glasses, a simple spectacle frame can be ordered for an additional $10. The eyeglasses cord will enhance the wearing stability of the face shield on the wearer's head. The face shield can also be wiped clean inside and outside with anti-viral wipes at the end of the day and become reusable the next day.

The face shield can also serve as a barrier/deterrent to people attempting to touch their faces.

The full face shield with frame is Certified to pass ANSI Section 9.17.2 Droplet and Splash Test